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365 Days on the Paleo Diet: Day 23

23 July 2014

My scale lied to me, likely twice. I stepped onto it and the weight looked a little light, but there’s no way to know until tomorrow when I get a new reading and compare consistency. Well, at the point where the scale syncs with Fitbit, it reported a “not synced” error. So I checked the WIFI to make sure it was on. It was, so I stepped back on and found myself 2.6 lb. lighter. Now, something is wrong here, and you have options. You can believe I’m 210 lb. (a loss of 4.5 lb. since yesterday), or 207.4 lb. (a loss of 6.4 lb. since yesterday.) Obviously I’m inclined to think that I still weigh more than 210 even, but you’re welcome to believe whatever scenario you prefer.


3 eggs, scrambled, with coconut butter.


Today I made what I call “Paleo Burgers.” I put down lettuce, then two ground beef patties, some tomato and avocado. I paired that with sweet potato fries.

Afternoon Snack

I finished off the mint-chocolate ice cream (the Paleo stuff I made) with a banana.


And then of course at dinner I wasn’t hungry at all. I finished a few small pieces of chicken that my daughter didn’t want, along with a couple spoonfuls of apple sauce.

After Dinner Snack

Surely you saw this coming. I got hungry later in the evening so I had a spoonful of almond butter and a banana.


96 ounces.

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