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365 Days on the Paleo Diet: Day 25

25 July 2014

Your choices for an official weigh in today are 209.4 lb. or 208.8 lb. which leaves a range of how much I’ve lost since yesterday. I’m going to assume that yesterday’s reading of 211.9 lb. was right, and so was the 209.4 lb. from today, that means I lost 2.5 lb since yesterday. Still shaky, but I’m expending too much effort on weight readings right now. Tomorrow I’m only weighing once, even if the scale tells me I’m 150 lb.


3 eggs, scrambled in coconut oil, and one and a half blueberry sausages.

Morning Snack

I had no other name for it, but it’s not really a snack. I’ve gone 25 days without coffee, which is fine. I wasn’t a coffee addict to begin with, but I was drinking a cup or two per day. (Seriously, I had zero headaches when I stopped.) My biggest issue was that I don’t care much for coffee without cream and cream isn’t Paleo. However, there’s one coffee that I drink black, New Mexico Pinon Coffee. We usually save it for special occasions since it’s a specialty coffee, but it’s the only type we have in the house. Since I like it black, I had a cup. It won’t be a regular thing since caffeine isn’t awesome for you.


Strike two for the day comes in here. I cooked some chicken… So far so good. But, we had the rest of the leftover seafood, polish sausage, potatoes, and corn. Potatoes aren’t great for you, corn isn’t paleo at all, and polish sausage is a bit of an iffy point. So really I only did well on the chicken. Since most of it was at least paleo in some way, the only thing to apologize for is the corn. Again, I only ate it because nobody else would, and I hate to see food go bad.


For dinner, I made something interesting. I cooked onions, mushrooms, kale, bacon, and mussels in coconut milk and green curry. I’d prefer red curry, but it was still pretty good.


72 ounces.

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