Home Security 101: What Not to Do

Well it happened, I stepped in my own bear trap.

I decided to see how my new site was working by using Crazy Egg as a barometer of where people are clicking.

What I should have seen was something like this:

A view of what Crazy Egg.com should have displayed

What I actually saw was this:

The carebear rears its ugly head at me - my security system fails

Not wanting to disable the example I added these two lines of code to the script. If you’re using the script, you might want to add these in if you decide to try out Crazy Egg. Just add them to the top of the page after the other exclusions and whatnot and things should work properly from within Crazy Egg.

if (eregi("http://crazyegg.com", $httpref)) { $valid="valid"; }
if (eregi("http://www.crazyegg.com", $httpref)) { $valid="valid"; }