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Paleo: 1 Month Down

1 August 2014

Fruits and vegetables

One month ago, I started on the paleo diet. My goal was to make it a year, being as consistent as I could. Well, the first month is down and so far (aside from a few things here and there) all is well.

I haven’t downed a cake, or eaten bread. Those are my two biggest cravings when I actually have them. (Like now, because I’m writing about it.)

Sometimes it’s still a pain to eat at restaurants because there just isn’t a true paleo option. So I end up eating a salad, which of course isn’t always filling (or good). But that’s not to complain, just to state the reality of it. It’s impossible to eat outside of the house and be truly on paleo. Even the steak I had the other day was covered in preservatives. But it was my wife’s favorite restaurant, and the only thing on the menu pretending to be paleo-esque.

Weight Loss

In the month of July, I lost 18.5 lb. But that’s without trying. I never really felt hungry except for the initial phase of breaking out of sugar and carb addiction. (That first week back on Paleo, I just want to hijack every bakery truck I see.) And while lately I’ve been eating more salads, I’m not feeling like I’m starving. It’s just easier now to eat reasonable meals since the actual calories add up just fine.

Other Symptoms

A couple weeks ago I was getting heartburn pretty consistently. I dropped the amount of coconut oil I was using and it went away. I think the culprit was how I was cooking my eggs in the morning, though it never felt greasy.

Before getting back to Paleo, I was getting an occasional chest pain. But that hasn’t happened once since I started Paleo. I was diagnosed with reflux disease a few years back, so I knew ahead of time that it isn’t tied to my heart, just diet/caffeine.

A friend of ours reported that when she cut gluten, her sinuses cleared up, and I was hoping that by dropping dairy and gluten the same might happen for me. It’s possible that my sinus issues have gone down a little bit, in fact, now that I’m actively writing it I’d say they probably have. But it’s not completely “fixed”, which is something I was hoping would just happen.


Though the progress is good, I’m not stopping. I assume that in this next month I’ll notice a plateau in my weight loss, but it’s too early to say. My goal is to continue eating right within my calorie allotment without adding any exercise. And, this month I’ve not stood up to work a single day. So anything I’ve lost is because of the diet. Seriously, I’m sitting down more than is actually healthy. I do need to fix that.

But so far, so good. If you’re curious about how the progress worked out for any given day, I’m keeping a log of the progress in a paleo journal.



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