David Brooks is a writer, musician, entrepreneur, and artist.

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I Am David Brooks (And So Can You)

Consider this a cautionary tale about ‘Googling’ things, and how easy it is to make mistakes based on search results and the trust we already have in them.

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Si, Si! Gracias, Gracias!

When I called my daughter to the dinner table, her response made me think about how I ought to approach God in my daily life.

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Why Write About Religion?

I think a lot about religion and what it means to live faithfully. Sometimes people ask to share my thoughts, this space gives them that option.

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A roach, laying dead on the counter

War of the Roaches – Part 1

As the poor creature spun around in circles on its way to a watery grave, I replayed the events in my head. I cannot be certain my report is accurate.

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Responsif.js: A Library For Responsive DOM Updates

I work a lot with responsive design and occasionally have to move DOM elements around based on the type of device. It’s senseless to write the same code over and over, so I finally bundled it all in a reusable package and called it “Responsif.”

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When Putting Beauty Over Design

My daughter loved this cup, but when we tried to use it we found a fatal flaw. It made me think about how what we design in isolation might not be worth it.

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fruits and vegetables on display

Paleo: 1 Month Down

One month ago I started on the paleo diet. My goal was to make it a year, being as consistent as I could. The first month is down and so far all is well.

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Goodbye Ol’ Spotify

When Hybrid pointed out that 55k plays this quarter on Spotify received $23.20 in royalties, I started to re-think my Spotify usage.

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Telling The “Right” Story

When I told my daughter the wrong bedtime story, it made me think about how we often miss the mark with our clients by telling the wrong story.

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David Brooks is the owner of the small creative studio, Northward Compass, based out of Orlando, Florida. He writes electronic and ambient music as Light The Deep, and fantasy stories about a place called Elerien.

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