David N Brooks

I run a content , app, and game studio, write books, electronic music, and help writer’s release their best work.

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For the past 18 years, I’ve helped individuals and businesses put their best foot forward on the web. I’ve also launched more apps than I can remember, and even a game or two.

I’ve worked with both large and small companies to help them realize and articulate their visions

My goal is to help creative people and companies release awesome things. As a first step, I released an app that helps touring bands and recording studios keep track of their gear. Recently, I launched an app that helps beat writer’s block, and wrote a short book on the subject. (The book is being edited.)

Follow along here as I write about everything from running a site to launching an app, to releasing a book.

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David Brooks is the owner of the small creative studio, Northward Compass, based out of Orlando, Florida. He writes electronic and ambient music as Light The Deep, and fantasy stories about a place called Elerien.

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