50 Free Generative Art Textures

An article by David Brooks on August 24, 2010


When I started work on my HTML5 + Canvas generative art engine I tossed around the idea of creating a daily downloadable wallpaper. Dasha Kropotova suggested that maybe it would be a good idea to create some randomly generated textures as well.

It was a brilliant idea, and I really wish I had thought of it. So I took her advice and created this set of 50 textures. All of them are 1440px x 900px transparent PNG files. Most of them are around 500K, others around 1.5MB. They come in a range of distortion and order, all created with the same engine, loaded up with different data. There are some with filled circles, others with empty circles.

Everything is completely random and created in FireFox, on the fly.

These textures are all free to use for both personal and commercial work, they just can’t be sold in their raw format or claimed as your own work. You don’t have to mention me necessarily, but a link back here would be nice if you feel so inclined.

If the response from these textures is good, I might do a few more sets, maybe with larger canvases and data ranges. I’d love to hear your feedback about these, if you find them useful, how you’re using them. The normal stuff.

Have fun, and be sure to thank Dasha for the great idea!

Note from February 2018: In a freak set of coincidences the original files were lost. I’ll be remaking them over time, and will update this article when they’re ready. Sorry about that.

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