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An article by David Brooks on January 4, 2010


Just a little bit ago I took a final step toward unifying both of my websites. It was a bit confusing to have two sections on two websites from which articles were being published and then there was the mess of RSS feeds… And I didn’t want everyone to have to switch their feeds around, so I made a few adjustments.

First, I wrote a script that pulls in all of the articles from both sites into the archives page. That way there’s only one place to go to find everything I’ve written. It also removes the need for the extra menu at the top of the site.

Second, I wrote a similar script to combine the latest articles from each site into a merged RSS feed. For the time being I reworked all of my RSS feeds to pull directly from that merged feed, that way everyone gets everything. Why not just leave it separated? To make a long explanation short, there’s a lot of overlap between the content of both sites. The two main feeds from each site will probably continue to be merged, but over the next little bit I’m going to be pulling the contents apart by type. So, for example, everything written about photography will actually show up in the specified feed.

So, if you’re one of the people who is subscribed only to the design or photography sections, I’ll have those back apart soon. But I hope that everyone will get the content that they’re looking for, now that these changes are in place.

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