Camp: Day 1

An article by David Brooks on July 15, 2008


Every year since I have been married my wife and I take a trip to Georgia to help with the children’s program at a summer camp. The camp is called “Indian Springs,” and it’s named after the local town. This week is one of those weeks where we travel south, and as time permits I’ll be making updates from here. Hopefully there will be photos as well.


Thursday July 10th, 2008

Dear Diary,

We reached camp last night at 1:30 AM, the dogs didn’t mentally arrive until about 3:00 AM. We began our short night sleep after a few human-canine battles — Human versus dog, not like we fought with the local “beastman” population or anything like that… The dogs didn’t get the memo that we hadn’t been able to sleep in the car so they continued on their regularly scheduled daily routine and awoke at 7:20 to demand breakfast.

As a side note about my level of awareness at the moment, I mentally associated my razor with the tooth brush and attempted to clean the blades with my finger. Thankfully I didn’t put any effort behind it when I ran my finger down the blade and it only claimed a few layers of skin, no blood.

I wandered around the camp with the dogs for a bit, at only one time was I nearly hit by a person in an oversized car. I would say that’s good, but there are probably only 10 families here at the moment. On a regular camp day that would be great, but when one of the other 9 families tries to run you down I’d say that chances of surviving the week are way down.

It was a day of ridiculous happenings. We had some major failures with the technology we had hoped to use. One of the laptops stopped working (repairable but not convenient), the VCR failed and the mixer that was the cornerstone of my music studio for years died as well. We still have the 4 channel house mixer and another few laptops that we can use to run the show. All in all it’s not the end of the world, but it will mean that as the sound guy I’ll be switching microphones by unplugging them from the board as we finish with them, only to be replaced by the next one.

I’m not complaining, it’s just crazy that everything has been stacked against us today. The most frustrating thing about it all is that I have the equipment to fix everything, waiting for me back at my house a few states away.

Camp officially began with dinner, and they served exactly what we figured they would, fried chicken. It’s the staple of the camp diet, and it’s offered as an option at nearly every meal. So, when we were out at the store this evening I picked up a bottle of Barbecue sauce for nights when the second option is less than desirable.

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