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An article by David Brooks on July 16, 2008


Saturday July 12, 2008

Dear Diary,

Sorry I forgot to write yesterday, it was a crazy one after-all. I don’t remember what I did exactly, everything is quite blurry as far as time goes. I know there was a lot going on with puppets… (My puppet is an Television Reporter sent to cover the building of the Tabernacle built way back when Moses and the gang were around.)

I know there was also some fried chicken madness, because there probably always will be as long as I come to this camp. It’s nothing a little bit of barbecue sauce (that I smuggle into the cafeteria) can’t fix. I think when I leave camp, however, I’m going to lose weight just from being away from the air of the dining area. I had no idea that saturated fat could waft…

I spent the afternoon running the video booth for the kids. It’s good to use those professional audio/video skills for once, even if that “for once” is operating a DVD player and projector so the kids can watch Veggie Tales.

The photography this year hasn’t been as easy as it has in the last two, probably because of all the rain. Maybe it’s also the fact that everything that I would photograph, bugs, plants, animals, etc. are all just not around. Actually the mosquitos haven’t even bothered me, which is odd since I’m normally a mosquito magnet. I did get bit by a tick today, which had cleverly hidden itself under my shirt sleeve. Kerry had to save my life by removing it with a pair of tweezers, meanwhile I tried not to panic as I’m sure they sense fear and thrive on it.

But back to photography, I did take a photo of a spider on its web in the morning sunlight. It was actually the first spider I have seen on this trip, which is rather bizarre since last year I saw at least 10 on a daily basis… Maybe because I was looking. The running joke this year is that if anyone sees any kind of insect they assume I will be photographing it and they come and get me. And they would be right, if the lighting was better.

A spider on its web in the morning light

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