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An article by David Brooks on July 17, 2008


Wednesday July 16, 2008

I wasn’t the first one to see the spider today, it was my sister-in-law that stopped me from reaching into an invisible web. So in the expected fashion I took some photos of it before releasing it into the wild. I’m starting to see the theme that when I’m at camp I take photos of Spiders. Really, if you look back to last year that’s all I came back with. It’s not that I’m a spider specialist or that it’s my favorite thing to shoot, but I do find it fascinating. …It’s also the only thing here to shoot, at camp at least.

A spider back lit by a lightbulb

I thought that the first spider would be the end of it… and I was mistaken. Last year we had found some really large wolf spiders, this year we found a spider that was at least 3 or 4 times as large as the ones last year. It’s by far the largest non-tarantula that I have ever seen, and if I can get on the internet for long enough I’ll look it up. This spider doesn’t even seem to be really interested in making a web, in fact it appears that it would rather walk around on the ground and jump on unsuspecting insects. And as you’d expect, here’s a photo of it.

The biggest non-Tarantula I have ever seen

I’ve always heard about things like this but I had never experienced it personally. Today I met my match, glitter. Apparently you don’t even have to use the stuff to get it on you. I merely walked by some kids that were using glitter and I found it on my arm hours later.

So the plan for later today is to walk around the camp ground and take some photos of the depression era buildings. Hopefully we’ll even get to explore inside the old hotel, where I’m told things haven’t been repaired much since they were built back in the day. (The camp was founded in 1890 but most of the buildings are significantly newer than that, even still, significantly newer could be 1920’s.)

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some interesting photos to post with tomorrow’s write-up. The internet connection is iffy sometimes, and when it’s not I don’t have time to do anything with it. It’s not an excuse, but it is an explanation.

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