Camp: Day 8

An article by David Brooks on July 18, 2008


July 17th, 2008

kids running chaotically in a field

I’m not sure what happened in the morning, I know at some point there was a lot of cheering and overall disorder with the children. When I stop to think about it, I believe “chaos” is an appropriate choice for word of the day.

That’s mostly because this afternoon we had what is known as “Kid-lympics.” The general idea is that all 100andsome kids do faux Olympic games. This year the events were mostly water based, things like “bust a water balloon over your head” and “play William Tell with the squirt gun.”

At the end of it all the kids were just going crazy, and I think that I can now successfully define the word “chaos” without getting metaphysical or using science. Chaos is now defined, at least by me, as…

“100+ kids disregarding instructions in mob formation running through an open field with water slinging apparatus.”

I’m confident that any mental image of that scenario will properly explain what chaos is.

Nevertheless it all went well, surprisingly. The only snag that I ran into was when my Nikon D80 ran out of battery power. I had asked my brother-in-law if I could borrow the battery from his Nikon D40, but alas the battery was physically too small for the larger bodied D80. I tried to put my lens and memory card with his D40 body… The lens worked as expected but the card said “there are no images on this disk.” I quickly pulled my card from the camera and borrowed his. I didn’t have a long time to mess with it, since it was a “middle of the event switch,” but it seems like if cross model memory cards is an actual problem that Nikon might want to fix.

I’m going to keep this post short as I don’t have much time to write any more, but since I promised photos I’ll leave this one of the Skink my nephew caught yesterday. I’ll have photos of the camp later today or tomorrow.

a skink, caught by my nephew

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