Camp Photography: Almost Rustic

An article by David Brooks on July 19, 2008


I took a walk around the campground with my brother-in-law to photograph some of the depression era buildings, but unfortunately progress won out some time ago. For example, what we thought were going to be un-touched rooms were actually small compartments where wood paneling had been added in the last few years. In the end, none of the rooms had quite the same visual impact as they had five years ago. In spite of that I did take several shots that interested me.

The old hotel sign

The hotel sign interested me, probably because of my love for Graphic Design, and if you’re looking for “dated” shots the hotel here is probably the first place to start.

The old hotel piano

The first thing inside the hotel that appealed to me was the old piano. They keep it in the stairwell, next to an old brick wall. Somehow the light and the condition of the piano make it a really interesting photo.

Hotel Rooms

The rooms have been updated, like I said, but there were one or two that look rather rustic without any luggage or sheets on the bed. This isn’t typical, they have done some renovations throughout the hotel after-all… but that’s not what I wanted to shoot this time around. Next time, maybe, I’ll do a luxury edition shot or two.

The hotel hallway

The last shot of the hotel that interested me was the hallway. It’s not exactly old and it’s not exactly rustic, but the setup just lent itself to being photographed.

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