I started my site in 2004 to write about web design, development, and my personal life. Most of my early entries are gone. (They were often based on old technology or something-or-other.) I write most-often for myself, to remember, but also with hope that someone else finds encouragement or help in what I write.

How Twitter Helped My Writing Improve

How Twitter’s 140 character limit pushed me to write better.

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Power lines obstructing the sunset


Sometimes innovation has a direct and obvious path, but it’s blocked by people with opinions and concerns. But what does that mean for innovators?

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A DSLR Camera

The Best Photography Advice I Ever Received

In college, I watched a National Geographic photography video. I don’t remember everything about the video, but one piece of advice changed how I shoot.

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iTunes Debut

Awhile back, I wrote an article about the Prisoners of Hope CD project. Today I’m proud to announce that you can purchase tracks from the CD through iTunes.

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Logo Design: Something to Consider

It’s always tempting to just “do whatever” with a logo. But your logo lives right at the center of everything else. A good one makes all the difference.

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A Photo of David Brooks

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