In the past my site has been all about web design, development, and running a business. But that focus missed one of the most important parts of my life, my faith. (I started my web career at Asbury Seminary after all.) In my 2017 redesign I made space on my site to include my thoughts about religion, faith, and what it means to follow Jesus Christ authentically.

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Si, Si! Gracias, Gracias!

When I called my daughter to the dinner table, her response made me think about how I ought to approach God in my daily life.

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Why Write About Religion?

I think a lot about religion and what it means to live faithfully. Sometimes people ask to share my thoughts, this space gives them that option.

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David Brooks is the owner of the small creative studio, Northward Compass, based out of Orlando, Florida. He writes electronic and ambient music as Light The Deep, and fantasy stories about a place called Elerien.

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