Speaking on Apps..

I’m thrilled to announce that Refresh Detroit has kindly asked me to speak December 12 in Ann Arbor Michigan. The title of the talk is “Your First Web Application, from Design to Launch” As you might have guessed, I’ll be talking about the process of planning, designing, and building applications. If you’re in the Southern… Read This Article

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Advice To An Old Friend

I once had a friend approach me for design advice. He was a much better programmer then than I am today, and a really nice guy. He hadn’t been exposed to design like a lot of us had, and the internet was still rather young at the time. He showed me his design and asked… Read This Article

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ArtisanJS Versus The Printer

I was so proud, I finished up a piece of art in ArtisanJS that I really loved and wanted to print. So, I found a printer and started thinking about what I’d need to give them to make something better than a digital print. After a minute of thinking about it, the reality of the… Read This Article

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Dribbble and Criticism

Andy Mangold wrote a very thought-filled article about why Dribbble isn’t a platform for critique. If you haven’t read it, go check that out before continuing. All done? I’ll go on. Certainly there is some merit to what Andy wrote, and obviously there are others who feel the same way about it. In regards to… Read This Article

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In Defense of Instagram and Faux-Vintage Photos

I think it’s hard for people to really know what to think about Instagram and faux-vintage photos in general. On the one hand, you have professionals who look down on Instagrammed photos, and the people who take them. Meanwhile, millions of people are snapping photos and posting them to Instagram as I write this, some… Read This Article

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Inspiration: Anna Theodora, Photographer

A few years ago I became friends on Flickr with a photographer from Brazil named Anna Theodora (Caution, she does have some suggestive work in her feed.). I was really impressed with her use of existing light, it seemed as if the most natural thing for her to do with a camera was see the… Read This Article

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Northward Compass

Let me start by saying this… I’m not quitting my day job at Fellowship Technologies. Nor does what I’m writing about have anything to do with my work there. But let me get back on topic… For awhile now I’ve been working on a few projects, things that don’t really mesh with the image of… Read This Article

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Luz Cannon "Version 6." May Contain Drupal.

When I started in the world of professional web design, one of the first things I learned was the Content Management System called Textpattern. In 2005 it was the thing to have and many of my “heroes” used it. Some of them still do, actually. But, it’s 2010, and as James Brown would say, “Papa’s… Read This Article

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My Design Process and Software

I’ve had the conversation many times about which application I use for web design. For me, it’s not a simple choice between two, it has more to do with the type of project I’m creating. Fireworks as a Starting Point In my case, creating the basic layout is usually at least 100 times faster in… Read This Article

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David Brooks is the owner of the small creative studio, Northward Compass, based out of Orlando, Florida. He writes electronic and ambient music as Light The Deep, and fantasy stories about a place called Elerien.

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