CD Review: Introducing Reuben Gonzalez

An article by David Brooks on February 26, 2009


While in search of quality Cuban piano music I picked up the CD “Introducing Reubén González.” The decision was only half chance, already having heard small clips on But even in those small clips I could tell that this album would be something special.

Recorded in 1996, this was the late Reubén González’ first solo album. I also learned that he had created the album over the span of two days. Two days? Most musicians don’t even finish a song in two days; much less record a full quality, band-backed album. To make the situation even more abnormal, they did it entirely without overdubs.

Recording details aside, the music is spectacular. Reubén effortlessly moves between variations of styles and rhythms throughout the work. And though the quality of the sound is flawless, it isn’t an album filled with modern production techniques, effects or pop rhythms. This is unapologetically traditional music.

To say the least, this album is a fresh departure from much of what is produced today. It clearly carves Reubén’s place as a true musical legend.

Reubén González on

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