Cecropia Silkmoth

An article by David Brooks on October 28, 2007


For those who thought the moth was possibly the most drab animal on the face of the planet, think again. This red moth is North America’s largest and one of the most colorful moths.

The Cecropia Silkmoth is, like most of the others, a moth that flies at night. We came to work at the Seminary one day to find this one resting on a chair in front of the Information Commons. I took a ton of photos but thought I should limit the number I posted here. Some are technically good, others are just to show the moth’s coloration and shape.

Silkmoth, a view from above

Silkmoth, a view from in front

Silkmoth, a view from in front, but angled

Silkmoth, a view from the top

From what I read, it looks like I made him mad and so he was fanning his wings at me.

I went back later in the evening, hoping to catch a few shots of him as the sun was lower (giving me plenty of light under the overhang of the library) but he had already flown away. So, I’ll have to wait until next year when another one might stumble our way.

Silkmoth, a view from in front

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