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I’ve been playing with colors lately, colors that I’ve not used before. But there were still some ranges that I would never touch, nor would I put them with other colors. To break out of that, I wrote a script that shows a color as it “radiates” through the nearby hexadecimal values.

An example of Faded in action

How it Works

Pick a hex value, any proper hex value, and put it in the box. When you click “update” the JavaScript on the page will start associating nearby colors, assigning them to the blocks mathematically.

If you want to look at the values around that scheme you can press any of the arrow keys to begin shifting the colors. The values for every block are re-calculated and put in place. So, while it’s occasionally difficult to “go back”, it gives you a fair update based on the newly chosen color.

What’s the Point?

By seeing colors in this way, we can put together unique combinations that may not have come to mind before. It can also give a different perspective on how colors associate and relate to their hex values.

See it in action

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