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An article by David Brooks on December 14, 2010


So there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that I’m writing music under the name Light The Deep. The bad news is that I’m no longer writing and producing music as Fair Flame. I kept this page around for historical record. Thanks so much for reading!

The Band and “Soleil”

Those of you who follow me on Twitter won’t be surprised by this, but I recently announced my new band, Fair Flame. I also released a track, for free, called “Soleil”. It’s a bit different than the music I’ve written in the past, being a bit smoother and brighter than my usual stuff. But, I’m very happy with it, and so I thought it was time to let the metaphorical cat out of the bag.

As I’m writing my newer material I find myself merging a lot of my musical influences in, and I’m hoping that the final album will be something completely new and fresh. I’m already hearing bits of electronic music, glitchy and low-fidelity rhythms, blues and chill styles as well as a few hints at roots music and folk. There’s really no telling what paths this album will take before it’s finished.

Fair Flame.com

The Site Design for Fair Flame

I also sat down and designed a site for the band, wanting to be a little more artistic with it I created some generative art. Usually I would let it be created uniquely for every viewer, but at least for now it’s a static background for performance’s sake. That is likely to change, if I can get a few things worked out.

To create the site, I snagged some of my images from Instagram and merged them with some imagery that I vectorized in FireWorks and some randomization from Artisan JS. Aesthetically, I’m proud of the results. Content wise, there’s still more to be done as things progress.

Facebook, Twitter and Last.fm

Along with having the new website, you can also follow Fair Flame on Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm and Soundcloud.

So far the response to Soleil, and Fair Flame in general, has been amazing. I can’t thank those who have sent out links and mentioned my music enough. I’m very excited to finally get things out there in front of people. I hope you all decide to follow along with me as I take the next, very big, steps.

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