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An article by David Brooks on January 29, 2009


My business card from Fry

When I mentioned before that I was moving to Michigan I was a little vague. At the time I didn’t know how much I was supposed to disclose about my position and fearing the worst and erring on the side of caution I decided to just remain quiet about the details.

To cut to the chase, I had a long and very clarifying conversation the other day about what I can and cannot discuss in relation to my work as an Interface Developer here at Fry Incorporated. The short answer is that I’m developing (not designing, unfortunately) very large scale eCommerce websites for major clients.

And I can tell you that it definitely comes with a learning curve.

I thought I would reference an article that was written about Fry just the other day on PR News Wire. The article may have the longest title ever created but it explains Fry’s position in the market better than I can at this point. Hopefully it will answer the looming question that some people have asked: “What is it that David is doing in the Arctic north?”

Fry, Inc. Named a Leader in B2C eCommerce Report From Independent Research Firm
Company recognized in shortlist of enterprise-class e-commerce platform vendors

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