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Cover of my fake diploma

With everything that’s happened in the last few days I don’t really feel like writing a full article at the moment, so instead I’ll just explain why I have been quiet for the past little while.

It’s the end of the semester, which is obvious enough; but for me it’s the final few weeks of my studies at Seminary. Well, that I can say for sure anyway.

It could be that I will go on for more education in the future… Most people I talk with about education know that I’d really like a Masters of Fine Arts in Design or Interactive Design degree. On the other hand, Doctoral studies is appealing just for the ability to actually feel like I’m making an impact on a field of study.

Whatever ends up happening, I’ve finally graduated. “Graduated” in the sense of the word that I’ve walked across the stage and I’m waiting for them to send me my diploma.

It was quicker and less painful than I thought. I didn’t fall flat on my face mid-stage, and I got the “shake with the right hand, take the diploma with the left thing.” I also stayed awake during the ceremony which is always a good thing. I even endured the guys in IT zooming in on me with the remote cameras, thanks guys.

All that being said, I have the degree, or the placeholder anyway. When I got it during the ceremony I opened it to read what it said… I tried really hard not to laugh out loud in the service, but my wife who was sitting just a little distance away saw my face when I opened the leather bound portfolio and saw this staring back at me:

Fake diploma, displaying papyrus

It seems that there are some things I’ll always find, no matter where I go and how hard I try not to.

Fake diploma zooming in on the papyrus

Did I ever tell you that I just love Papyrus?

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