Highlights of Mississippi

An article by David Brooks on April 29, 2008


I’ve had a great time in Mississippi, I must say. It’s sad to leave because I feel like I have some great friends here who are also future family. There have also been some great memories from this trip, I figure I should make reference to a few in particular.

Leaches and Peaches

One of my favorite things to bake is a Latin cake called “Tres Leches.” During this trip my future family and I created the title “Leaches and Peaches,” because you know, how else do you translate “Leches” (Spanish) than Leaches? (Tres Leches actually means 3 milks) Alternatively, Ben likes to refer to it as “Soggy Cake,” which is also a fair title for it.

Jaki of all trades

Kerry was searching for some dresses with one of her Maids of Honor in this store called “Jaki’s.” Jaki’s is a store that carries the name “costume store” and for some reason also rents formal wear, wedding equipment, jewelry, carnival style mirrors, and sells honeymoon packages.

As we were leaving the owner tried his hardest to talk Kerry into a bridal gown, which she already has, and a set of tuxedo rentals. During the one sided negotiations he pointed out that he also can arrange honeymoon packages as well. Upon further questioning he pointed out (in a particular accent) “you should book now, even if you’re going through a travel agent because there are only a few places in Costa Rica.”

I guess I should point out in his defense that he was probably refering to some time share packages to which he has a connetion. However, if he thinks there are only a few places to visit in Costa Rica, he’s very much out of the loop.


One of the first days I got back we went to see The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. It really was an amazing movie, basically all I expected it to be. My only thing is that I pictured Aslan a bit bigger. At times he just seemed like a normal sized lion, so, I guess that was disappointing, to some extent anyway. Oh well.

Cock of the Walk: Catfish and Thrown Cake

For my birthday I went with my fiancee’s family to Cock of the Walk, a local restaurant featuring a menu of Catfish or Chicken, some cole slaw, corn bread, greens, some appetizers and a few small other things. Basically, I literally tried everything on the menu.

I’m not much of a fish person, unless of course we’re talking Swordtails, Bettas, or Tetras… or they’re wrapped in rice and covered in soy sauce. However, I found Cock of the Walk’s Catfish very good. It wasn’t fishy at all, which is a big thing for me since that’s probably the part I don’t really care for about fish. The texture wasn’t bad either, that’s the other thing I often don’t like in traditional fish.

Since it was my birthday the waiter snuck up behind me with a piece of cake. It was a really good cinnamon cake with apple sauce (cinnamon flavored) over the top as icing. The catch to the cake was in the presentation. Not only did he sneak up behind me but he, in a way, threw it in front of me. I was probably more startled by the delivery of the cake than the actual fact that they were trying to surprise me. I mean, when you go to a restaurant around your birthday you tend to know it’s coming. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thrown piece of apple cake coming…


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