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An article by David Brooks on April 23, 2011


A few years ago I became friends on Flickr with a photographer from Brazil named Anna Theodora (Caution, she does have some suggestive work in her feed.). I was really impressed with her use of existing light, it seemed as if the most natural thing for her to do with a camera was see the way light worked and then capture it. Some people are like that, others require years of study. But I watched her style progress, and her abilities improve. In my opinion, I think she’s a great inspiration to photographers and non-photographers alike.

Recently I asked her a few questions about her photography and she kindly responded.

How long have you been taking photos, and how did you get your start?

I started to take photos in 2006, when I lived in London for 3 months. I was just lucky guessing my photos, I really didn’t know anything about real photography, but some did come out nicely 🙂

How do you describe your personal style of photography?

hahahaha I wouldn’t know how to describe my style… romantic, maybe?

What inspires you on a shoot?

That depends on my mood on the day, also most times the ideas just come to mind at the time.

Do you have a favorite photographer?

No, I don’t have one favorite photographer. There are dozens that I truly admire!

What kind of gear do you use? Is there anything that you couldn’t live without?

I use a Canon T1i, the kit lens 18-55mm and a 50mm 1.4. At the moment I don’t have anything that I couldn’t absolutely live without…

What advice would you give to other photographers, especially those just starting out?

Draw a contract. Always.

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