Introducing Thousand Wires

An article by David Brooks on January 3, 2012


The main interface of Thousand Wires. Drag and drop your gear.

I’m thrilled to announce my first ever, from-scratch web application. It’s called Thousand Wires and I created it for musicians, producers, videographers and anyone with a lot of equipment and wires really.

I came up with the idea a long time ago. I was drawing all this stuff out by hand, and believe me that’s a pain when you have a ton of equipment that changes every week. So I started brainstorming and coding as I learned how.

The equipment list view of Thousand Wires. Track your equipment and value.

For a few years I thought this app would be built in Flash because of all the intricate moving parts, and then it was SVG because that seemed like a reasonable evolution in technology. But after really getting into the construction phase I found I was able to use my JavaScript library ArtisanJS to do most of the visuals in HTML5’s Canvas. That gave me the upper-hand when it came to making it work on the iPad.

I put the app in active development almost two years ago, but then I must have started over at least twice. But today it finally saw the light of day, which is why I’m writing about it…

Of course it’s not really an app for everyone, and that’s perfectly fine with me. But, I think there are people like me whose lives will be made easier, even if just a little bit by it.

I have a lot of new ideas for it, enough to keep me busy far into 2014. But that’s the beauty of a web application, you can launch it and with a decent development process you can get features added on very quickly.

It’s been a bit challenging to play all of the roles in the creation process, but it feels amazing to finally call it “released”.

If you’re interested in Thousand Wires, the first 100 people get a 10% discount for a year by using the coupon FIRST100. Enjoy!

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