The Mountains Over San Jose, Costa Rica

An article by David Brooks on June 30, 2017


The Mountains Over San Jose, Costa Rica

Five years ago we lived in a small house in San Jose, Costa Rica. It was just like any of the other houses nearby, which meant we couldn’t be identified as outsiders if you happened past. But from the top floor, mostly a bed with a night-stand, you could see mountains in most directions.

The windows in that room were barred, incase someone tried to break in through the roof, so photos were a pain from inside the house. But you could see them. When you could get an expanse of land, even just a few feet, the mountains towered over everything else. Sometimes the slope of the ground and a taller building would obscure them for a minute, but if you walked just a little further in any direction you’d see them again.

Now that I live in Florida, I miss the mountains a lot. It’s funny, because when you live there the mountains tend to fade away and get absorbed by daily life. You see them all the time, they become just another piece of the scenery. But when you leave, you can’t get them out of your head.

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