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An article by David Brooks on April 26, 2010


My Playlist for last week

Blatantly copying Kitsune Noir, I decided to start posting the music I’ve been listening to lately. Music is one of the biggest inspirations for me, no matter what I’m working on at the moment.

Last week, I think it was Thursday, Amazon announced the album by Heavy, “The House that Dirt Built,” was on sale for very, very cheap. I had only heard “How You Like Me Now” (thanks to that Kia commercial with the giant sock monkey). To me, that song was worth the price that they were asking for the entire album. I picked it up, and it’s been on rotation ever since. It’s a really well blended mix of rock, soul, funk and a hint of old-school “How to Operate With a Blown Mind“ Lo Fidelity Allstars.

Say what you want about the Twilight movies, the soundtracks are really good. In the score, Carter Burwell does a great job of putting a modern spin on orchestral music. There’s a bit of grunge and electronics in to sweeten things up, but the classical edge makes it worthwhile nevertheless.

Buena Vista Social Club is a staple in my arsenal. The Cuban rhythms and styles are impeccably played and completely unique. Not to mention that half of the cast were probably in their eighties at the time of recordings… and I would imagine that most of the songs could be “first takes.”

If you’ve known me, or have followed me on Twitter for any amount of time, you’ll know that I’m a die-hard BT fan. His latest album, “These Hopeful Machines,” was released earlier this year and it’s still one of the first things I listen to. It’s a double-disc set, so there’s plenty to hear. But the craftsmanship and musicality are truly first rate, which is especially refreshing on an album with huge leanings on electronic styles.

Ghosts n’ Stuff“ by Deadmau5 hasn’t really left my head in about six months. I picked up “Get Scraped“ for its diverse set of tracks. It’s a great album if you want something unashamedly electronic and club-worthy.

U2. Not much to say other than “Duh.” They never really leave my playlist either.

Enigma? Yep. Apparently. I had digitized a lot of old music this week, and my wife wanted to hear a few songs by Enigma before I turned off “scrobbling” on As much as that sounds like a denial, it’s not. Enigma has some really great stuff… it’s just not normally in my range of music.

Muse is another one of those bands that remains no more than a click away at any given time. In this case it was the Exogenesis tracks at the end of “The Resistance“. If you haven’t heard those tracks yet, they’re fantastic.

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