When My Daughter Met The Queen

An article by David Brooks on June 30, 2017


My Daughter, When She Met The Queen

The first year my wife worked at a Renaissance Festival, my daughter and I would visit regularly. We would walk around the same places, mostly just to see things and spend time together. Some of the actors even knew us, though not everyone.

My daughter was shy. She still is. But that was especially true in the crowds. When an actor would approach us they would almost always pop their head down to where she sat in her stroller. Sometimes my daughter would look at them for a minute, but most often she would grab the top of her stroller and pull it down as if it were a shield. For me, even though I knew it was coming I laughed every time.

When we met the queen, I wasn’t entirely sure how it would go. Shyness was still a factor but my wife was also nearby. That changed the dynamics of it all. The queen approached my daughter, said hello, and gave her a small plastic/tin/aluminum ring. Most of the other actors had jumped straight into a joke pointed at my daughter.

My daughter didn’t throw the shield down as she normally would, but she didn’t say much either.

On later trips she would still keep her guard up with most actors, but when she thought I wasn’t watching my daughter would curtsey to the queen as she passed. Perhaps it was the gesture of the gift, even a plastic ring, that made the queen safe. Or maybe it was the queen herself that did it.

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When My Daughter Met The Queen

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