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An article by David Brooks on July 9, 2014


So, funny thing about this whole 365 days of Paleo thing that I’m doing. I’ve been keeping record, watching my weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) as reported by my scale. Now, I knew it wouldn’t be accurate, but for a week I’ve watched it creep up to nearly an added whole percent while my weight is going down.

Basically, on paper I’m turning into a gelatinous blob.

I didn’t panic, but I wanted to remind myself what I was looking at. Turns out, I had forgotten a few things from my college health class, and now look a bit silly in a previous post where I said BMI is more important than weight. (In theory it is, but read on.) BMI is calculated like this:

BMI = (Weight / (height in inches * height in inches)) * US Customary Unit

So for me, that’s:

BMI = (219.5 / (75 * 75)) * 703

That would be 27.432622222%

But what I was mostly reminded of is that weight is just a number, it doesn’t say anything about the composition of our bodies. I can weigh 219.5 and be super-muscular, or 219.5 and overweight.) Muscle weighs more than fat, so as I lose fat, the percentage may or may not rise, depending on how things go.

So from now on, I won’t be reporting the BMI regularly because, well, it’s basically irrelevant unless I go in somewhere and have them test me, or I buy a set of calipers.

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