Surviving the Snow

An article by David Brooks on January 14, 2009


When I was a kid winter was my favorite time of year. It probably had a lot to do with the snow and its ability to be a million things. I always tried to make snow forts, which of course were often more wall-like than fort-like.

When I moved to Kentucky a few years back I started to miss the snow. Kentucky doesn’t quite have the same grade of winter that you get farther north. Nevertheless I enjoyed it when I could, and on occasion I would visit family when they just happened to be under blizzard conditions. Actually, my friends from the south always expected me to call from Michigan to tell them about the amazing amount of snow that I was driving through.

Now, after having lived in Kentucky for some time I’m trying to readjust to this weather. It’s not going terribly, I just bundle up like I used to and drive slowly. My wife, being from Mississippi is very tolerant and patient of it all. As expected the Husky absolutely adores the snow while our basset hound – golden retriever mix seems to enjoy it on occasion, just as long as he can return to the warm house when he’s done.

There is one member of our “family” that I haven’t mentioned on my website before now, and he’s the one most people worry about when we talk about the cold winters in Michigan. Oliver, our Pomeranian, would like to tell everyone that ever doubted his survival that he too is doing just fine.

Oliver, covered in snow

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