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Our dog Temuco, a Siberian Husky

Well, it finally happened, we adopted another dog yesterday. His name is Temuco and he’s a Siberian Husky. We haven’t had a chance to take him anywhere other than our backyard and so the pictures aren’t exactly what I was hoping for. They are photos however, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to add photos of him later.

Our dog Temuco as photographed from above

Our dog Temuco with his eyes closed

Temuco is an interesting choice in a name, I think. Kerry came up with it, well she suggested it anyway. Temuco is a city we visited for a project in February of 2007, the name seemed fitting to both of us and so it stuck. In these photos he is about 7 weeks old.

Our dog Temuco from the front

Our dog Temuco standing in our yard

He’s a smart dog, maybe a little stubborn. We hadn’t even had him for an hour and he was already borrowing our car to drive to Starbucks. (This photo was taken by Kerry)

Our dog Temuco, a Siberian Husky, driving our car

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