Text Mapping the King James Bible

An article by David Brooks on September 22, 2009


A screen shot of Text Mapping

Awhile back I wanted to work on some art using large data sets so I based them on the largest things I could think of. The first project that I’m releasing is called “Text Mapping” and, simply put, it helps you visualize the weight of every word in a set of text by varying its color.

I put it to work on the King James version of the Bible and you can see the result. This version only displays words as they appear and does not include those that have been used previously. To me, this shows how linguistically and thematically diverse the Bible is.

There are some rabbit trails I want to take with this, now that the data has been parsed and put into place. But I’ll have more on that later. For now, you can see the 10,751 unique words displayed on a single page. Warning, this could take awhile to load.

See Text Mapping in action.

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