The Holiness Requirement?

An article by David Brooks on April 29, 2008


It’s a difficult setup, holiness is. You have your people who genuinely desire it and you have your people who would sooner pawn it for the price of a pack of gum.

On one hand, you want to require a certain standard for the community, because it’s what should happen. There needs to be some type of system of what is acceptable and what is not, otherwise it’s an unmeasurable thing to talk about. On the other hand you want to leave it up to God and the whole personal holiness thing, assuming He’ll take care of the loose ends and wrap things up.

What do we do with people who simply don’t care yet hold membership? They need to be called out to the table, but what if there are reprocussions? What if they decide things are just too ridiculous and leave? How do we explain that to others? Can we do it without being too “uptight” or “prudish?”

We can, if we take the proper attitude. We can’t just dismiss someone without a reason, it’s not a popularity contest afterall. But if someone isn’t doing what they said that they would do it essentially voids the contract and prevents obligation on your part. If someone says I won’t do a certain thing if you permit me to be a member of your group, and they do that certain thing you could then say that by doing that thing that they revoked their own membership. It’s not really that you want to, exactly, it’s really that you have to look out for the group as a whole.

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