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Some time ago I started asking really important questions about It’s a site that I’ve been using for the past five years to deliver content and show my work. But I really got to thinking about how the delivery is working, and I don’t think it really is.

“Luz Cannon” was a name under which I wrote and produced music while I was in College. The name stuck, and inevitably it became my online identity as well. But I don’t think people really understood it outside of my friends and the people who ever saw me in concert. And that’s not necessarily bad; it’s just a bit of history. But when you’re presenting yourself to potential employers and clients it becomes a question of stability and direction. During that process people are asking some really big questions, and like it or not a name says a lot about you.

“Loose Cannon” is a mixed concept.

So, in consideration I started a re-branding process. This time I went with something much less “creative”, but it’s something that makes sense to everyone: DavidNBrooks.

As you might have guessed, I purchased a new domain and I will be writing about things there. On one hand it’s a sad day for me, as I’m rather attached to this site. On the other hand, it’s a new beginning.

I have already switched over everything like Twitter and Flickr to represent my new branding. I will, however, leave everything here for their historical value. I may move the content eventually, but at the moment I haven’t decided whether I will or not. I’ll also be redirecting the RSS and ATOM feeds to the new one, so you won’t have to do anything about that.

In response to some of the feedback I got from the survey, I will be writing about things like web design and development and photography, but I will also be writing more about audio, video, and culture.

I will, however, be removing the photo of the week. Instead, I hope to write more articles including photography. It became difficult to direct people to the correct photo section on this site. Some would find themselves at my photos of the week and assume they were always part of my portfolio. That’s not the purpose, since the photo of the week was always supposed to be more related to the journal. I think this should clear up that issue, and give me the freedom to write more about a subject and display multiple photos.

I’ve also added an art section and broken things down a little bit more. As time goes on I’m sure features and sections will be added. I’m excited about it, but I won’t deny that I am a little bit sad about discontinuing content on

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