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An article by David Brooks on April 16, 2010


Every day I see photos that I love, most of which never receive their due credit. So I’m starting a weekly column showcasing my favorite photos that were either taken or stumbled upon during a given week. Anyway, without further delay, the first two photos are…

Forth Rail Bridge by David Airey

Forth Rail Bridge by David Airey

Camera: Nikon D5000

This photo, to me, really plays nicely with the tonal range. The higher contrast works well with the industrial nature of the shot without losing the necessary details of the higher and lower parts of the range. It’s the type of photo that captures a scene in an almost industrial design meets photojournalistic style.

See the original image and article over at David Airey’s site.

45/365 by Retta

45/365 by Retta

I’m a big fan of complicated photos. This one isn’t an average photo of flowers or blossoms, it’s moodier and a conveys an aged, timeless look. The composition is not a “straight on” flower shot, it’s a bit unexpected, and I think that unexpectedness adds to the overall feeling of the shot and keeps it out of the stereotypical range. If I understand the tags on the photo correctly, it was taken with an iPhone and the Hipstamatic application.

View on Flickr

Thanks to both David and Retta for letting me talk about their work here, it really is great stuff. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

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