Why Write About Religion?

An article by David Brooks. Last updated: December 4, 2017

In 2015, the internet is full of people going on about religion and Christian things, why would I start a section of my site devoted to that? Well, that’s a sane question. There are two things that are driving me toward it.

First, I often write things to a private audience who then asks to share what I’ve written elsewhere. I don’t write in secret because what I’m saying should be secret. But, it’s because that’s where the conversation is taking place.

Second, I’m finding myself in disagreement with mainstream voices more often these days. I wouldn’t call anyone a heretic of course. But, I do believe we’re at a point in history where Christianity needs sane voices with solid theology. I should say that I feel like my theology is about as sane as the next person’s, but a heart for the things Jesus cares about and the way he lived will make up for what I lack.

Do I consider myself a pastor? Absolutely not. A world class scholar? Nope.

Many people will dismiss what I write because I don’t hold a doctoral degree. That’s fine. I’m not to be held responsible for the assumptions and perceptions of others, only for my own words and actions. (Though, if you want credentials, I do hold a master’s level degree from a Asbury Theological Seminary. I’d consider going back for a doctoral degree, too. I just haven’t found the right context for that.)

I can’t promise that I’ll always be right, or that I’ll always write about things that are warm and fuzzy. But I also try not to judge, point fingers, or get too theological complex or intellectual. Sometimes I’ll have to write about difficult subjects, and I may do so teary-eyed. But my hope is that every word I write will be in love, and because it’s something I’m learning or dealing with for myself. When I do make mistakes, pointing them out helps us both learn.

So there you have it, the reasons why I’m writing about religion.

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