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My Start In Writing

I haven’t always considered myself a writer. But, besides music production, writing was my other creative outlet. As a kid, I was always writing something. I typed my first novel into an old word processor in 1989, at the age of 6. It wasn’t an amazing work of fantasy literature, but I was proud of it.

Under no circumstances would I let anyone read that “novel” either. (It was also, at best guess, only about 10000 words long. Hardly a novel.) Every year I would write a story for my school’s Young Authors program. Entry wasn’t difficult, but you had to finish a story to have it included.

In 6th grade my teacher sent a stack of our poems to a nationally published anthology of poetry. I received word a month or two later that they wanted to publish my contribution, so, they did.


I never stopped writing, though in school it became more of a utility than fun.

Chris Farley - Bill ShakespeareIn high school I landed in the advanced English set of classes. (At the time, that meant that I was able to string together some sentences. Bill Shakespeare I was not.) In those classes we read the classics and analyzed them. I took the optional extension class that studied Shakespeare, too.

In College I wrote less for enjoyment and more for passing classes. Music filled the little free time that I did have. But it was there that I would toss around ideas for my fantasy writings. I’m convinced that by not writing things down at that time only the strongest themes stuck with me. (You might be able to say I’m rationalizing there.)

As a Spanish major, the program tossed me into the fire of culture. It was there that some of my understandings of what makes culture a society work (or fall apart) expanded. That gave a lot of breadth to my writings as well. Having to write most things in Spanish pushed me to focus my thoughts and even made my English writing better.

It wasn’t until well after grad school that I went back to writing for leisure. I had let my professional life in web design absorb most of my free time. But I knew that had to change.

Elerien, and My First Fantasy Novel

In 2011 I took on the writing challenge that is NaNoWriMo. Even though I didn’t finish my novel that month (my goal was 100,000 words after all) I had a firm foundation. For the next few months I kept writing, and even joined a writing group to help refine my ideas.

Shortly after I started Elerien.com to talk through my decisions in writing my first fantasy novel, From Where Sings The Darkness. (From Where Sings The Darkness is currently in the “editing” phase before publication.)

Writer + Developer = Stitchleaf and CHSL Cards

As I worked through my first novel, and talked with others doing the same, I realized the process was rocky at best. I had been working in design and development for years and thought I could help others who had hit walls. I set out to build CHSL Cards to help other authors who struggled with Writer’s Block. In my head, that solution only made sense as part of a different writing process. When we finished the first round of CHSL Cards, I started building a suite of applications for writers”, Stitchleaf.

Blogs and Editing

My “purist writer” side shies away from the reputation that comes with the term “blogger”. But, it is a natural fit. I was in technology, making sites, and I loved to write. My first blog was here at DavidNBrooks.com. I wrote a lot about web design, development, and photography.

In 2015 I wrote content for the comedy news site, Almost Serial. I also served as the editor and content strategist.

I write at Elerien.com where I talk about my thoughts around writing fantasy literature and the publication process.

On rare occasion I write about music and my inspiration to write music at Light The Deep.

During our redesign in 2017, we added Thoughts From Northward Compass. Most-often I write about owning a product, running a business, or creative direction.

Since 2015 I have also edited (on occasion) for the auto news site, Gearheads (Now Autowise).

A Photo of David Brooks

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