Zero to Dallas in 24 Hours

An article by David Brooks on August 4, 2009


We made great time on the first part. Somehow, and I haven’t figured this out, we reached Kentucky in about five hours. Once we passed Louisville things started to slow down.

At one point in Tennessee I was so distracted that I filled the car with gas, returned to the highway and noticed the fuel door was open. “Silly me” I thought, “I left the fuel door open.” The wind blew it closed, concealing the fact that I had also left the gas cap laying on the trunk. It was quite a shock when I arrived at the next gas station, somewhere in Alabama.

We reached it to Birmingham Alabama by dark. As soon as the headlights came on I started to feel the energy leaving me. At that point I began snacking on Tropical Fruit Trail Mix and Beef Jerky to stay awake. By the time I reached Jackson I had inhaled almost the entire bag and thought that I would be sick. After all of our driving on Monday we decided to take Tuesday off in order to rest and see family who were visiting from out of town.

When we woke up Wednesday morning a flood warning had been issued for Jackson, it definitely made packing the car memorable. The rest of our drive was pretty dull. We arrived in Dallas around 6:00 PM CST, clocking about 24 hours of driving time for the entire trip. With that all behind us it leaves us free to begin our next adventure… house hunting and unpacking.

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